Friday, November 09, 2007

The Doors Of Heaven Are Closed Against Me

Well, ok, not the doors of heaven exactly, but one of my favorite message boards where I hang out. Somehow, it’s not accepting my user name and password – a disaster if ever there was one. You can’t just knock on the door and say, “I’ve forgotten my keys; let me in.” Nobody will notice you’re not there and go searching.

Fortunately, I had the address of someone who could help and she gave me a new password, so now I can get back in. She’s one of the administrators.

On my desk, I have a 3-ring notebook that contains, among other Internet things, two pages containing all the user names and passwords I need for various sites. I’ve seen too many people who could not access some needed place because they thought they would always remember how to get in.

I suppose we could keep, in the front of our minds, all sorts of information. Where our car keys are, the location of our cell phone, the house keys, and so on. But we don’t and probably don’t have to. We just need to have a place to keep them that does not change; a “here’s where it goes” spot, rather than just tossing them somewhere when we come in the door.

If I’m guessing right, that will save a lot of searching, a lot of frayed tempers and even more worry. Then, when your memory starts giving you trouble, you’ve already trained yourself with “a place for everything, and everything in its place.”


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