Sunday, October 21, 2007

No N*ggers In This Neighborhood

Take it easy; the word is “naggers.” We don’t need them; never did and never will. There are few things worse than living with, or near, someone who “finds fault incessantly” (dictionary definition). “To be a persistent source of annoyance or distraction” (same), “to irritate by constant scolding or urging” (ditto source).

There must be a special place in heaven for those who are the victims of this, as well as a room for the perpetrators who don’t face the flames of Hell, but their own voice, for all eternity, playing back their nagging, over and over, forever without end. Ha ha ha.

The tease in the subject line: when you probably thought it was *that* word, the NAACP has been holding a burial service for the “N” word. That should take care of rap music pretty quickly.

Let’s hold a burial service for other words. “Ho” would be one. As in “Are you my ho’?” I’ve actually heard this, as well as her reply, “I’m your ho’.”

Dig another hole for “bitch.” I don’t mean to silence dog breeders; they can keep using it. I refer to guys on the street talking about girls on the street.

Hey! Let’s put the shovels in to make room for any street term guys have for girls, as well as those words girls have for guys. I tell girls, “If a guy uses a street term, leave him; that’s what he thinks you are.” Toss the words in and cover them with dirt.


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