Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Notice Something Headed Toward Us?

Sure, we can get hit by an asteroid. Lots of them out there and I’m willing to bet there’s one with our name on it. We make our circles around the sun, it makes its circles around the sun, and at one point we’re sharing the same piece of solar real estate.

In other words, there’s a cosmic train wreck the likes of which we won’t ever see again ‘cuz we aren’t going to be here anymore.

So, let’s say that astronomers are able to see one coming (which is not always possible). I did an Internet search and found “if the end of life were an hour away, most Brits would want to be with loved ones. In a survey that asked British residents what they'd do if an asteroid were to hit Earth in one hour, 54 percent said they'd try to be with, or phone, their loved ones. About 13 percent predicted they'd crack open champagne and enjoy their final hour; 2 percent said they'd eat fatty food.”

I was listening to a couple of announcers on my favorite radio station tossing this one around yesterday. Another answer that came up was some percentage of people would start looting stores. I’m not surprised at that; so many are short-sighted and would not realize that what they have stolen will be useless in less than sixty minutes.

Me? I’d make myself a hot, steaming mug of tea, get in a lawn chair, call my family and let them know I’ll be looking for them on the other side. A few short prayers for my own safe journey, as well as all others’, and then watch the big show.


Anonymous ColdJoshVail said...


If you were alive back then, folks used to build shelters in case of a nuke attack.

GREAT......the day after you do what?

If I had 30 minutes to live, I'd be joyous because I am a believer in re-incarnation, have a million dollar life insurance policy, and I named myself beneficiary.......

October 18, 2007 5:44 PM  

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