Saturday, August 18, 2007

Which User Name And Password?

In some ways, I’m quite methodical, even if my room looks as if it’s been ransacked. Still, everything has its ideal location. Books of one type here, magazines there, cd’s in another rack, etc.

Internet user names and passwords are in a folder, every last one of them, regardless of whether or not I might use them again. If I register for something, it’s entered more or less alphabetically in the folder so I can find it easily. And that includes magazine subscriber label numbers I have copied and use to gain entrance to their web sites.

You know what it’s like: Exactly what *is* the formula for getting into this or that account? It’s like trying to remember your own phone number: you don’t call yourself often enough to remember it, nor do you have to sign in to most accounts if your computer and the site remember each other.

So when I can’t get in to one of my regular sites, I go to the folder to find just how I set it up. I might have one user name “tomcart,” while another is “ducks313,” and yet another is “ncr1718.” I have no idea why one of my passwords is “jet four” (unless it was assigned to me), or another is “8117,” or even “areca245.”

So there they are, sites I use and others I may have hit once or twice and can’t even remember what they are about. That is, assuming they even exist. In the fleeting moment that describes the Internet, they may have perished ages ago (a year = an age).


Anonymous ColdJoshVail said...

Cher frère.............

I always use the same password.. At least I'll remember half of the login stuff......

August 19, 2007 6:34 PM  

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