Sunday, August 12, 2007

That Ol' Yeller Bulldozer Down In Back

Th’ gub’mint folks tells us we gots t’ clean up the land after we’s done pickin’ it clear of coal and stuff like that. Cover it over with dirt and other ‘spensive things. Make it look durned pretty. But they’s nice enough to let us at least finish th’ job a-fore we’s gotta git to cleanin’ it all up.

“Take yer time,” th’ gub’mint agent sez. “When yer done an’ gone, after th’ last piece o’ gear is off th’ property.”

Well, now, ain’t that th’ coincidence. Seems as how we wuz workin’ out near th’ end with that ol’ broken-down dozer what ain’t seen an honest day’s work in a year. Gonna cost us plenty t’ get rid of it. Gonna cost us plenty more t’ clean up this strip mine. Gonna cost us nuthin’ t’ leave th’ junker here.

Gub’mint guy told us we don’t have t’ fix th’ land till th’ last piece o’ gear wuz gone. Well, it ain’t goin’ nowhere till th’ Second Comin’ and I don’t plan t’ be around t’ fix up th’ patch when that happens.

* * *

And so it goes throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. As you drive along and see rusted yellow pieces of equipment, you have just passed a worked-out strip mine. But it’s not over until the fat lady sings and/or moves the last piece of gear.


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