Friday, March 16, 2007

St Valentine's Day & St Patrick's Day

Well! We’ve had a number of warm days and nights and it’s been nice around here for a while. All those large piles of St. Valentine’s Day snow have pretty much melted down, if not away, and you can pull right up to the curb, or close enough. There were some very large piles in the street which are still there, although in fairly miniature mode now, where the front-end loaders had to dump them. We are just watching the warmer temperatures and bright sunlight take them away.

Oh, kee-rap … the National Weather Service has just issued a winter storm warning. “X” marks the spot, and “X” is sitting on the Wyoming Valley in Northeastern PA. Or, to put it another way, on us. We’re at the edge of something, and the edge isn’t good. We could get ten inches, or we could get fourteen-plus. That means we could be in doo-doo or we could be in deep doo-doo. In another day, we could have piles of new white stuff saying to the piles of old dirty stuff, “Hi! We’re your new neighbors for St. Patrick’s Day. Understand you’ve been here for just over two months now. Hope we can grow old together.”

Everybody has a story.
Rachanee Oeller and Arthur Gregory were married at Frances Slocum State Park in a medieval-themed wedding. Most of the wedding party dressed as medieval royalty while some dressed as pirates and barbarians. The flower girl dressed as a sunflower fairy princess with hair adorned with sunflowers and barefoot. She carried a giant leaf as her flower basket. A court jester entertained by juggling and swallowing fire while guests drank honey mead wine and dined on large turkey drumsticks and a roasted pig.


Anonymous MADDrummer said...

The St. Patrick's Day Expose was inspired by and written on a very similar day in 1973. Not that that makes the weather any more tolerable then than now. It is up for your downloading pleasure at:

March 16, 2007 4:47 PM  
Blogger Cold Josh Vail said...

We have our whoopers during the first two weeks of March. There used to be the traditional Crow Storm which announced the arrival of the crows, but due to things enviromental nowadays, the crows never leave anymore. The most awaited one is The St. Pat's Storm which usually occurs .. yup, around St. Pat's. In Newfoundland the ycall it I believe, Sheila's Brush and the Nova Scotians have another name, Paddy's Brush possibly.

Started out Friday night and now, Sunday morning, the major highway east of here is still closed. Dow ntere they're getting up to nearly two feet of snow pushed by 55 mph winds. Now THAT is what we call going out in glory. Spring is only a few days away and this week my tomato seeds get sowed, the sap will start to run and on those beautiful spring days the Wal-Mart parking lot will be full.

March 18, 2007 6:34 AM  
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