Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Dream Of An Invention

It seemed like a good idea at the time: You put coins in the parking meter and, if you changed your mind about parking there, you pushed a button (like on a pay phone) and your coins were returned as the meter reset to zero. When I woke up, I realized that if you didn’t want to park there, you just would not put coins in.

I do remember walking down this dream street and pushing the buttons, collecting coins from various meters, lots of coins, and doing the same with pay phones. Made a lot of money before my alarm clock went off.

Note to those who have taken an Intro to Psych course, or read a magazine article on the Interpretation of Dreams: Forget it. I dream about a lot of things; we all do. They mean little, if anything.

I get the disc jockey’s dream: We arrive at the studio and can’t find anything, or the equipment is new and we don’t know how to work it, or we can’t find any records. All of us have this dream and maybe those in other lines of work also do. It’s scary.

Everybody has a story.
Marie Koplish, a former local resident, passed away last week. “She was an accomplished musician, earning her first dollar playing violin in her father’s band. She was offered a position as a nanny in New York City. She worked for a couple who were talent agents for the Folies Bergeres and met many famous people through them.”


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