Tuesday, March 20, 2007

In The Higher El's

We had a little snow this afternoon. Well, a little here in the lower part of the Valley; “about a quarter inch in drifts,” I told a friend. She, living just a bit higher, said there was between half an inch and an inch – “enough to sweep off my porch and steps.” That’s how it goes around this area: Down by the river, we get just so much snow; go a bit higher, which you can do without thinking about it, and you have twice as much. A bit higher means just that: You can gain a little altitude here just by going up a street.

“Five inches in the Valley, with ten or twelve inches in the higher el’s,” the tv people tell us. We know just where those higher el’s –elevations— are: Mountaintop (which does not exist), the Back Mountain (originally Back of the Mountain) and most of I-81 and 115 as they head south.

Mountaintop, for those who wonder, exists only as a small post office and its building on one of the higher settled points around here. It’s the agreed-upon designation for two or three otherwise named townships and a school district. It makes sense locally, like the San Souci Parkway. Anywhere in the world, that would be spoken as the “San Sousee,” but around here it’s “San Souee,” as if you were calling pigs.

It’s hard to forecast the weather around here because of all these hills and valleys. You get 5” of snow here, but the winds over there blow their snow to the next place; go through the Rock Cut on 309 and, as you climb that half-mile or mile, you leave rain and enter hard snow. “Maybe an inch or two in the Valley, but in the higher el’s…”


Blogger Cold Josh Vail said...

March 21..spring is here!Where are the robins, the geese, balmy southern winds, the kids on bikes? They ain't here, that's for sure! Zero this morning, fresh NW breezes, just was our blowing out the remainder ofthe foot of snow we received the other day. The town came by with their monster snowblower and we have 4' wall along the roadside. Tomorrow the ysay 50° and rain....lots of rain. I don't believe it, the 50°. Today we had 50°, it got up to 25° in the morning and again this afternoon.

Spring is on the calendar only.

March 21, 2007 5:33 PM  
Anonymous maddrummer said...

San Souci was the name of an amusement park ONCE located on the road known as the San Souci Parkway. Great place for a kid. Saw Mitch Ryder and Gary Puckett and a host of other concerts there. We had our school picnic there too. It was great fun. Great food and some of the BEST looking girls from the area were there to meet, watch, dance and make out with!!! - no matter how you pronouce it.

March 22, 2007 5:03 PM  
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