Sunday, February 04, 2007

Questions I Wonder About

When I was in grammar school, we used to wonder if nuns had ears. It was back in the days when they were restrained sartorially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. But all we knew was: they may or may not have ears. If they did, and we saw them, was it a sin?

If we went down the street to the beach and dug a really deep hole, would we eventually reach China? Well, we would have to go through an extraordinarily hot core before we came out the other side – in Northwestern Australia. At least by placing my fingers on a globe and seeing where they balance. Not exactly scientific, but close enough to blow the China theory.

What I don’t understand is this: A typical cloud weighs in the neighborhood of 130 tons. Pretty close to the average railroad locomotive. So how does the cloud sail along in the sky, while the locomotive is pretty much glued to the tracks?

Isn’t it something that winter always comes at the coldest time of the year? And summer is always at the hottest time of the year? I’m glad it’s that way, because it’s much too hot to shovel snow in August.

I can’t figure out why people fall for Internet hoaxes and forward everything that comes with an "Urgent! Send this to everyone you know!" on it.

Where can you buy a barrel full of monkeys? I’d like to have as much fun as.


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