Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Saving Power Of Horses

There are two horses in the parking lot across the street from me. They were put there for a reason, most likely to keep people from some sort of danger. I can see the printing on them, “King’s College,” so they don’t belong to the construction company, which is working on a building down the street; theirs has “Sordoni” on them. They are used, variously, to block the workers’ on-street parking places and/or keep people from walking in a dangerous area. I don’t know why they aren’t called “barriers,” but “horses” have become the name of choice.

The cafeteria serves dogs as part of the choices for lunch. The senior center downtown also has them on the menu occasionally, but they are much larger. The dogs here are the usual size, same as you might get at a ballpark (although, now that I think of it, ballpark dogs might be longer and are sometimes called “franks”).

After working in my building for quite a few years, I found a mouse in the back office. “Now what do I do?” I wondered. First time this has happened and I didn’t want to admit not knowing how to handle the situation. “Do I call for help? Do I just play around with it until I can figure out how to handle it?” Finally, I called tech support and said I was quite computer illiterate; they said not to worry, as not too many offices had these and someone would come over to show us how to use it.

Friend of mine had an elephant, but never talked about it and neither did anyone else. It was in the parlor. Everyone knew it was there, but we avoided it in conversation for years. Well, only to him; we all talked about it among ourselves -- did we!


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