Friday, February 02, 2007

Beautiful Trash

There’s nothing, in my opinion, quite like a plotless blow-up-the-city movie. One was on tonight: “Volcano,” in which Los Angeles has an earthquake, a nearby volcano explodes and huge balls of molten lava land all over the city. There may have been a plot when the story line, such as it is, was written, but I think it got lost in the lava flow and the buildings collapsing. All in all, lots of fun; Los Angeles never looked so good.

Right after that, AMC followed with “The Towering Inferno,” one of my favorite “who cares what the plot is, I just want to see the building burn” movies. Besides, Richard Chamberlain gets to fall 135 floors to his deservedly rotten death; he was responsible for the fire starting in the first place.

They’re ok for fiction, because you know nobody really gets hurt. At the end of the day, they go home and learn their lines for the next day’s filming. It doesn’t bother me when I see some guy catch fire trying to leave his apartment and then falling thru a window 81 floors to the sidewalk below. He gets paid, goes home and watches tv that night.

I also don’t mind The History Channel’s programs on the Chicago gangsters rubbing each other out. Yeah, they’re real people and, yeah, they died of “lead poisoning.” They got shot, blown up, whatever, but they were the worst of crooks who would kill anyone in an instant and it doesn’t bother me to see them sent off to face the Boss of Bosses.

What bothers me? Real people being killed in wars; people in poverty-stricken countries; people being oppressed by the super-rich; dirty, dirty election campaigns.


Blogger Cold Josh Vail said...

What bothers you bothers many, such as myself for example.

In the Edwardan Period, back when it was ''in'' to capture castles, they would hold a siege and among the people invited for this three month slow starvation enactmant were clergy, wannabe military bosses, maids to tend tothe the rich 'n famous and thousands of little guys, pawns who were expendable... The outcome of this gave the national leaders the right to go on TV and shout, ''I am da man, dude''

Things haven't changed since then, not much. Not only our leaders but anyone else on the planet who has wormed his or her way to the top of the heap and through power abuse, hypocrisy and lies wil now try to raise their two arms, wave the victorysign and cry out for all ''We won'', liberally translated as ''I am da man,dude and I need your vote'.

As for those fist mentioned TV shows, they are a prime reason why I do not watch TV. Oh I'll watch if thereis a good documentary, I'll be glued to see Peyton Manning shed tears of joy even ifmy team is Chicago but that's all right. Daytona follows andmy standby of many years is a station you d onot get APTN, Aboriginal Peoples' Television Network which promotes Aboriginal culture mostly in North America.

Long, ehhhhhhhhhh? I'll put my soapbox back in my pickup and have a coffee now.

February 03, 2007 6:49 AM  

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