Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Late Wednesday Blog

It's overnight, Wednesday going into Thursday, and I'm tired. My newspaper column's co-writer seems to be approaching the rainbow bridge, which has me down. You can know someone's 94, but when they don't look that age, you figure they have lots of years left on them. One major hospital procedure, however, and all of a sudden the body says, "I'm 94, get real." So the getting real is happening, I'm afraid.

Triumph today: I put a broom together. Ok, it's not a cure for cancer (which, if I had one, my friend would see 95), but when the manufacturer uses a 5/16th head, rather than the common 4/16th (1/4), it's a scramble through the toolbox to find the right drive. Would it have been so difficult to go with a standard size?

I have to get the morning newspapers now (1:10am) and then spend eight hours in the loving embrance of my bed.

Someone once said: "What goes up, must come down."
I say: "Nothing can come down unless it has first gone up."