Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Did He Miss The Blessing Of Throats?

The Blessing of Throats day is coming up, a Catholic devotion. Does it work? Well, if it does, you would not know; the bone would not stick in your throat, you would not choke on something. No, it’s not a cure-all, nor is it a superstition; it’s a prayer to a saint who had done something to that effect with someone a long time ago. So we ask for his help.

Of course, you have to be at least a somewhat devout Catholic – or one who knows when the blessing of throats takes place.

We had a fellow here who appears to have fallen away from his practice of religion. He was a nice person years ago: Boy Scout, Eagle Scout, good neighbor. Something went wrong and he turned into a nasty, evil-looking, somewhat reclusive person. He would have nothing to do with those who lived around him and only opened his door to friends of his who were strangers to all on the street.

It turns out he had gone into the porn video scene big-time, as one of the providers of tapes that no normal person would want to watch. It came out fairly recently that he was also a pedophile of some sort, possibly using underage boys as part of the porno tapes.

Despite neighbors’ complaints of nudity in his backyard and other suspected activities, the police did nothing. His biggest acting star had noisy, violent arguments in the house and everyone knew something was going to pop. Apparently, the star slit the guy’s throat and set the house on fire to cover it up. The blessing probably wouldn’t have helped much.


Anonymous tim said...

St. Blaise can only do so much.

February 01, 2007 2:08 AM  
Blogger Cold Josh Vail said...

Yep, St. Blaise does only throats. For other parts, get an appointment with another saint. My buddy saint is Jude, oops, sorry St. Jude ( we are on a first name basis).

My wife's first name saint is St. Anthony, whom she calls ''Tony the Finder''

February 03, 2007 6:55 AM  

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