Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Easter Island On West North Street

Across the street from my house is the end of a hill, looking more like what it is: a small cliff. The rock is shale, a common formation in this area. A hundred feet away, you can find coal in it and, perhaps, in this stuff, too. This rock vein runs under my place and down the hill until the land becomes flat. Whether the cliff has been dug out, or is a natural formation, I don’t know; but there is a cutback where you could park a few cars, maybe put a garage, a small house or even a grotto filled with statues of all descriptions.

Go for option “D.” Jesus and Mary dominate, although there is one of the Archangel Michael with a red, white and blue shield. To the right is a staircase leading you up to a second level where there are more. Candles blaze day and night.

Some years back, undertakers used to leave flowers there and the grotto members sorted them out into displays. That ended when it became too much of a task for them. Currently, especially in the winter, it looks a bit like Easter Island. For those not in the know, try this URL:

In its honor, let me say that it fulfills a need and there are people visiting it for a moment of spirituality at all hours of the day and night. I have seen men in suits drive up and get out for a few minutes at two in the morning. It fills what they are looking for and, for that reason, it is a great success and long may it occupy that space.


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I think it's even monitored 24/7 by several security cameras as well.

January 25, 2007 8:47 AM  

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