Monday, January 22, 2007

Thoughts On A Monday Morning

Maybe I should be doing something useful, but I was wondering about some concepts.

I once worked in a radio station where someone put labels on the light switch. In the down position, it said, “Dark On.” In the up position, it was, “Dark Off.” Is that any less accurate than the way we usually think of it? In a few minutes, I will turn off my desk lamp and go to bed. Or am I turning on the dark?

The other day, I was looking at a picture of the solar system. The sun was there, of course, along with the planets and many of their moons. “That’s all very well and good,” I thought, “but what keeps them from falling?” After all, the planets and their moons are just hanging there, suspended by nothing. They could fall at any moment, and then where would we be? In a big pile on the bottom of the universe?

There are apples of various sizes, if you are an entertainer. An “apple” is simply a city. A “big apple” is a large city. “THE Big Apple” is New York City. You want to make it from a tank town (some small place where all they have is a water tank to fill a steam engine’s tender) to a big apple to The Big Apple.

What more could we accomplish if we had a prehensile tail, like monkeys? Think about that – a third hand, or a third foot. Something that could help us lean out over roof edges, or hold an extra bag of groceries. How many times have you wished for an extra hand while driving? But, alas, Mother Nature took it away; we will never know.