Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Way To Go!

On the day the Good Lord calls me (you know, when my number’s up), I’d like it to be in a way that will guarantee its making the front page of the New York Times. Now to figure out how to do it. Have a piece of the Hubble Space Telescope break off and land on me? Get run over by the President’s limo? How about being shot by a deranged Pope? Interesting ways, but hardly even remotely possible.

I’m afraid that it will be something real stupid, like choking on a piece of lettuce in some dumpy restaurant, or tripping on a sidewalk and knocking my head on an ashcan.

But to make the front page of the Times … ah! … the glory of it all. To so few people is given this honor. “Tom Carten cashed in his chips yesterday, after being hit by an asteroid.”

Everybody Has A Story:
August Kreuzer died locally the other day. “He was part of General Patton’s tank division and fought against Germany’s General Rommel, ‘The Desert Fox.’ As part of his Airborne battalion, he glided into Bohno, Burma, to build an airfield and relieve the few remaining members of Merle’s Marauders. It was the only operation of its kind during the war and few survived the glider landings. He also took part in the building of the airstrip for the Enola Gay airplane that dropped the first A-bomb on Japan.”


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