Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Mayor, The Hispanics And ... Who??

“60 Minutes” did a piece tonight about the mayor of Hazleton PA, who has been leading a campaign against the illegal Hispanic immigrants in his city. So far, so good. Unfortunately, his original law was way overboard and the current re-do, while legal, is making the legal Hispanics look like criminals. He is playing the high road, the “elected to uphold the law” road. Steve Kroft, the reporter, apparently did not ask the mayor’s wife ... or anyone else in his life ... what they thought of all this. I guess the mayor was too busy upholding the laws and doing a pretty good job at it.

Someone mentioned state flowers, animals, etc. I think the Official Shield of the new casino here (actually a slots parlor at the moment) should be a caricature of a guy pulling his empty pants pockets out. The place didn’t pay the Commonwealth a $50 million license fee just to give patrons huge payoffs.

We had about three inches of rain here the other day; more than expected for the rainy afternoon. As one cop put it, speaking to headquarters on the scanner, “People broke the first rule: Don’t drive through standing water, because you never know how deep it is.” It was up to their doors, sometimes up to their windows.

My brother and his wife will be coming here on Tuesday night and staying around for Thanksgiving. They get *two* Thanksgivings, seeing as how they are Canadians. One in October and one in November.

…and that’s the news for this Sunday night.


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