Saturday, November 18, 2006

I Want, I Gotta Have, I Need

The PlayStation 3 just hit the shelves, to which I say, “oh.” People have been camping out at the local Best Buy and there were some pictures on the news of people stampeding into a store, pretty much mashing each other to pick up this thing.

It reminded me of when these two women got into a fight up in Pittston over a Cabbage Patch doll, when they were the latest thing. One doll was left, two women with daughters who just could not keep living on this planet without one were battling each other over it. They wanted it to commemorate the birth of Jesus.

There are some things we need, some stuff we just gotta have and lots of things we want. It helps if we can realize into which category each falls. When that happens, we don’t get into fights over some stupid doll, we aren’t running over each other because of a game that just came out.

Food, shelter, clothing, among other things; these are needs. Computers, tv, lots of other items; these are gotta-haves in today’s world, but not quite needs. Then there is everything else; these are wants and we have no right to get all upset and snarky when they don’t happen. Traffic lights that don’t stay green, this thing we wanted, that thing we expected, and so on.

Save being irate for times when it’s appropriate. Most of the time, just go along with the ride. Life’s a lot more fun when you roll with it, and you will be, too.


Blogger Reading Reader said...

PS3 costs about $600.00. People are selling them for $4000.00....others a more modest $2000....on ebay. One guy here in Reading sold his place in line at Best Buy for $1800...his PLACE IN LINE??????

People, get a grip.

I'd like to know what anybody reading this would do with $600.00 that plopped in his/her lap. I'd use mine to pay one of the tuition bills for Catholic school for my kids that's due on 12/1....and that wouldn't cover it all, by the way.

hmmmm....maybe I shoulda got in line, huh?


November 18, 2006 1:25 PM  

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