Saturday, November 25, 2006

There's Frost On My Cavalier

My little subdued-red car had a mild case of frost early this morning (1:15 early), but not bad enough that I couldn’t clean the windows quickly. It’s not a good sign; you don’t get a first frost unless there will be a second, and subsequent, frosts.

In other words, Spring is just around the corner, but that corner is a country mile away and there are snowplows parked just down the road apiece. This is supposed to be a cold, snowy winter, according to the weather experts. But the same people said we were going to get some pretty awful hurricanes this past season and I don’t recall much of anything happening. We shall see.

This area isn’t called Wyoming Valley for nothing. “Wyoming” is an Indian word meaning “Plains” and we have a lot of flat ground on either side of the river between large hills on one side and large hills on the other. If you don’t take a North-South route, you’re going to climb and/or descend. One route coming into town has two runaway truck roads, if that’s any indication of what can happen coming down the hill. The other should. That’s in the summer; in the winter, they are plowed first, but it’s still an exciting ride.

I’m prepared for the winter snow driving season: in case of nasty storms or barely-plowed roads, I have plenty of hot chocolate, oatmeal and good music in my compact disc collection. And a scanner to listen as others slide into the ditches.

Snow is best viewed behind a table, rather than a wheel.


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