Friday, September 29, 2006

The Security Blanket

Do we ever give these up? I'll bet not; we just change them to things that are comfortable and reassuring. Some are good; others can be damaging.

I find that having my police scanner going is a sort of comforting thing. I can listen to the cops, the firemen, the college security force and maintenance workers. That may go back to my radio news days when I was a teen and felt secure knowing what was going on, both local, national and international. Beats me.

When I need my security blanket, I write. Anything; for anybody. My newspaper column, this blog, something on a message board. To me, writing with the correct grammar and punctuation, making sure the thoughts are laid out well and the sentences are crisp, is a craft, like building a house.

I prefer that my security blankets be something that works toward a sort of growth, rather than pulling me inward. A nice hot meal at the local family restaurant with friends is one of them, and it can't be beat. Now that I think of it, I should get the five of them together (3 adults, 2 children) before I leave for vacation in a couple of weeks.

And speaking of blankets, it’s getting time to put me under one.


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