Thursday, July 27, 2006

I've Got This Theory

When you've been blogging daily for the past four months, it can be hard to remember if you mentioned something already.

Cell phones. Did I give you my theory as to why people using cell phones in public are so irritating? It's nothing more than 'cuz we are voyeurs, every one of us. We want to be able (or potentially able) to hear both sides of a conversation. If two people are walking along ahead of us, even if we don't care what they are talking about, we want to hear both of them talking.

Yeah, we're snoops by nature. Maybe it's what has kept us going as a species for all this time. We knew what others were planning and our genes, or something, haven't adjusted yet. So we get a little irritated when we see people walking around talking, not to someone next to them, but into a phone to someone at a distance.

Gotta be. My theory, anyway.


Blogger Cold Josh Vail said...

To me cell phones, in the very early times, were a symbol of someone who was (very) important, had a job which was more important than everyone else's and reminds me of the days when bosses would put their white hard hats in the rear window of their vehicules, a hypocritical way of telling the world that they are special. BTW, I never put a welder's mask back there.

It also became a lure for trolling for people of the opposite sex. Someone figured that he'd hook up easier if he could casually whip out his cell at the right time to impression a newly found potential girl friend .

I have noticed that there are certain ethnic groups who take the cell phone as a body part and the adults all seem to have one, and are always talking to someone.

The best one I have seen is a sign in The Daily Grind Café in Portsmouth, Va.
''We will be glad to take your order as soon as you get off your cell phone''

July 28, 2006 6:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A recent study, a network did it I do believe, showed that a huge chunk of people on their cells weren't talking to anyone. Oh, yes indeed, they wanted you to believe they were, but they were not. I could guess the reasons are many and obvious; a need to look self-important, the need to appear contemporary and cool; if you don't look wired, you're screwed; and my own personal favorite, which is the inherent need of many humans to be left the hell alone. "Oh, you're on the phone. Sorry, I'll get you later." I want, and yes, crave human contact and interaction, but only when I need and want it. I suspect I am not alone.

Perhaps the finest definition of mental health I have ever heard is this; "Being alone and enjoying the company." I still love it.

July 28, 2006 9:57 PM  
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