Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Half-Clipped Hedge

Who am I to complain about the people across the street and their half-clipped hedge? I've got plenty of half-done things in my own room. But there it sits, the side on Franklin Street reachable from the sidewalk done rather nicely, but the rest of it running wild -- as is the side on North Street. I don't know what's in there; pythons, perhaps, maybe long-tailed marsupials or little boys in tree houses.

Don't get me wrong; I like things that have gone wild. It reminds me of where I lived when I was a kid. Maybe things weren't quite like that but, when you're only pint-sized, it looks like a rain forest fairly filled with mystery and adventure. You could hide in there and feel safe; from what, I don't know, but you were safe.

The hedges are blowing right now, as we are expecting a thunderstorm with strong winds. That would be a great place to escape the rain. It will come pouring down everywhere but under this hedge gone wild; a few drops, but nothing we couldn't deal with. Would Mom have called us in? Dunno. Flip a coin on that one; she was pretty good on that sort of thing. My money says we would have stayed out there until we got drenched and, when we finally ran for the house, we would find hot cocoa waiting for us.

I’ve got plenty to do in my own place, much less worry about the neighbor’s half-done hedge. But before I do anything, I guess I should make a mug of tea.


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