Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Rain Came And Went; Now It's Sunny

We've had a couple days of rain, especially yesterday, with more on the way. Right now, it's sunny and bright; you can almost hear the grass slurping in the water and adding an inch or two. The slightly louder noises are weeds doing the same things, only on a larger scale. If you have a garden or anything other than a cement or asphalt walkway at your house, you're probably picking weeds right about now.

Someone said that a weed is a plant for which we haven't found a use. Discover a purpose for it and it ceases to be a troublesome weed; it is now a valued source of medicine, or extract for our food. Or something useful. But it's not a pesky weed anymore.


The students left last week after their final exams and the dumpster behind the dorm was filled with junk of all descriptions. Some of it actually can't be described. I think it was stuff that got shoved into a corner and stayed their, unnamed and unnamable, until semester's end.

Junk, like weeds, is something for which we don't have a use. For a while, we used to joke about how junkyards are now called "recycling centers," but it's true enough. It ceases to be junk when someone looks at it and says, "Hey, I can use this." I have told people that a burned-out fuse is excellent for putting into three-bulb standing lamps when one of the bulbs is missing; the fuse is busted anyway and when it is screwed into the bulb holder, you can't accidentally put your finger in there and get hurt.

I joke that my grandmother had a cigar box labeled, "Pieces of string too small to save." She didn't, really, but I bet someone does, against the day that there is a use for them. Maybe to put in a sock with some catnip for the cat to play with.
Eventually, we will find there's no such thing as weeds, just as there will be no such thing as junk.


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