Friday, May 12, 2006

Summer Plans For The Fall

My boss left us an informal form wanting to know what our summer plans are. It's the kind of place where we can do it that way and he just needs to have some idea. My summer plans are pretty simple: I have none, but I filled out the paper by noting they will occur in the Fall. October 14-25, to be exact, and in the Atlantic Ocean. I made them some time last year and started making next year's some months ago.

My plans are to be on a cruise ship and the best way to get the low prices is to book early. That means to plan early and that means to dream early. You see, cruising is a year-long process: dreaming, planning, experiencing and remembering.

I'm dreaming of what might happen next year. Will it be my regular north/south Canadian swing? I love going that way. Or will I find that I like my new upcoming New York swing to the southern Caribbean and back?

I'm planning, although that doesn't take much time or effort anymore. I'll be experiencing something new this time: more sea days, hotter and sunnier weather. Through the eye of my videotape camera, I will remember it faithfully.

The trip is five months and two days away; tonight I will be checking out availabilities for next year. I'm hoping it will be the somewhat damp, cool, overcast North; that's my country and my people.


Blogger Cold Josh Vail said...

Carib is ALWAYS breezy, versus southern Canada where snow can appear about anytime.

I took 16 cruises to the Caribbean, andfully enjoyed everyone of them. True, it was usually in January or February, but I was there also in June and the temps were about the same. THe closer you get to the Equator, the less the temps vary.

Have any of you crossed the Equator? I did. I was, at the time, associated with the S.S. Santa Maria, a Spanish or Portugese ship.

One thing that you will never forget is the smell of the air in the Caribbean. A treat.

May 12, 2006 7:36 PM  
Anonymous ruthc said...

Have any of you crossed the Equator?
I have. It was on a cruise ship, so my experience was very different from cold josh's. I remember the King Neptune ceremony as being a lot of fun. I even kissed the fish!

Tom, you will find the Caribbean quite different from the cold North Atlantic. The color of the water is blue---not grey. The sun is so much brighter. The sunburn so much more painful if you're not careful!

May 13, 2006 11:14 AM  
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