Saturday, May 06, 2006

Feeding The Birds

Among the many things Mom taught me was what to do when the cookie dough just didn't make it. You could tell there was a major mistake and nothing short of a major miracle (i.e.: Gospel quality) would help. "When this happens," she said, "just whip it up real good, lay it out on a cookie sheet, bake it and toss it in the backyard for the birds. Then try again."

Today's planned, and half-written blog, just didn't make it. Got off to a good start, went a couple of paragraphs, and then the batter stopped mixing well. I put in another ingredient, but the blog bogged down and began going in the wrong direction. It had such promise; I just didn't have enough spices and pieces of fruit to make the kind of snack that would look good on this page. So it's in the backyard and the birds are feasting on it; they don't know.

Maybe I'll think about the recipe some more, go to the store and see what it has, then make another attempt. The birds won't be too happy, but those who stop here for a few moments will be.

In other matters...
-- Do you ever dream of houses where you used to live? I do. Occasionally my first (age 0-7 years) house, more frequently the second (7-recently), which we closed up and sold a few years ago after Mom's passing into glory.
-- How many songs can you identify on the first three notes? The first two notes? The first note? Try it some day when you have your favorite music station on. It's like recognizing our friends' voices when they speak just one word.
-- Have you noticed that we have two alphabets? 50% of our upper-case and our lower-case letters are totally different; others, only slightly. For instance: A/a are nowhere alike; D/d is another example, as is R/r. Check different alphabets used for the upper- and lower-case word BARD/bard.


Anonymous ruthc said...

A different style of writing---to be sure, but my work memos frequently went the same way. Sometimes they flowed beautifully (if I do say so myself); other times each word was a terrible effort.
One difference between my memos and your blog is that you can switich to a different topic; I was locked in.

Once watching Name That Tune I had the answer in zero notes---got it by the clue alone.
I know the radio station's playlist so well I usually recognize the song on one note. So long as they don't change versions!

May 06, 2006 2:41 PM  

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