Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Are We There Yet?

It's late, very late Eastern Daylight Time. But I think this blog site is in the Pacific Time zone, so it's still Monday and I'm keeping to my promise to write something every day.

I just forgot; nothing more than that. Am I forgetting more than before? Probably not; I think I'm just aware that I don't remember things. When we're young, we just push them out of our minds. At the college where I work, I notice students forgetting things all the time. What they mean to say is, "I was going to do this, but something better came up and I just tossed the original task out of my cranial to-do list." I am convinced that, if the Second Coming were to occur and they saw a bus about to depart for a beer party out in rural Luzerne County, they'd forget Jesus triumphant in the clouds.

So us older folk have little to worry about. Yeah, we go into a room and wonder why we're there, but it's a lot higher motive than going into Room B because suddenly it's more attractive than the Room A where we promised someone we would be.

I see drawings of people who tied a string around their finger to remind them to do something. Ever try to tie a knot in a string with one hand? The only way I can figure it out is to tie the thing loosely and then tighten it after you've put it on your finger, but even that doesn't work. If you have someone help you, it's easier just to have that person remind you of the job the string is there for.

Speaking of drawings, thank goodness we don't really have those question marks around our heads ??? when we can't figure something out. Can you imagine walking down the street and everyone knows you are ??? lost, or !!! angry, or have a lit light bulb over your head when you get an idea?

I'm not sure if we're there yet, but this looks to be a good place to stop for a mug of tea.


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