Monday, October 18, 2010

Un-Appreciated Units Of Measurement

In the Zork series of games, the bloit is defined as the distance the king's favorite pet could run in one hour.

In MAD Magazine, the potrzebie = the thickness of issue 26, or 2.2633 mm. (carried out to 21 decimal places).

The beard-second is a unit of length inspired by the light-year, but used for extremely short distances such as those in nuclear physics. The beard-second is defined as the length an average beard grows in one second.

The smoot is a unit of length, defined as the height of Oliver Smoot. The unit is used to measure the length of the Harvard Bridge. In 1958 when Smoot was a frat pledge at MIT, the bridge was measured to be 364.4 smoots, plus or minus one ear, using Mr. Smoot himself as a ruler.

The Sheppy is a measure of distance equal to about 7⁄8 of a mile (1.4 km), defined as the closest distance at which sheep remain picturesque.

The Rictus Scale: Mag. 0-3: Small articles in local papers. Mag. 3-5: Lead story locally; mentioned on network news. Mag 5-6.5: Wire-servce photos in national papers, governor visits scene. Mag 6.5-7.5 Network correspondents sent; president visits; t-shirts made up; 7.5-up: news weekly mags, network specials, “instant books.” (Idea sent by reader Mike Rudolf)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the bloit is defined as the distance the king's favorite ''PET'' could run in one hour.

Is this in English or French?

''bloit'' fits in quite well BTW.............Nordic Normand

October 26, 2010 3:35 PM  

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