Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Is Your Cat Gray?" "No, It's Brown"

Two of my friends say I’m color blind, or at least partially. I disagree, as I can see the entire spectrum, same as they do. Red is red, blue is blue and, apparently, gray is brown.

Huh? One friend has had two gray cats, one after the other. I said I like that color in a cat but she informed me the cats are brown. No, they’re gray. Brown. Gray. What do you mean they’re brown? She held up a shirt; “what color is this?” “Blue.” “No it’s not; it’s green. The blanket on the sofa is green.” “No, it’s blue.”

Maybe that explains my choice of colors when I dress.

I still say I’m not color blind, but there does seem to be a color shift which others have mentioned. If it were only one person disagreeing with my opinion, it would be a “he says, she says.” But when two people independently bring it up, there’s something going on. Maybe if I say I’ve got the blues, it’s really the greens, what say?

If they are right, and I’m not convinced, maybe I just shift colors a little bit. I know each eye sees tints a bit differently, but that’s not unusual. So, just what is the color on those bricks I see on the building across the street? Why, they’re brick colored, of course! They’ve always been brick colored to me and that’s just fine.

New York just came out with retro license plates. They are colored … well, sometimes I think they are yellow, maybe orange, possibly a light shade of red.