Saturday, October 02, 2010

I Keep Dreaming Of The Ship

Without trying to be Dr. Freud, is it the ship, or an allegory? Then, again, he did say, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." Sometimes a dream is just a dream.

I’m always on the cruise ship, before check-in, and never seem to have gone through the process myself. No tickets, no passport, no door card – how that ever happened is beyond me and it is during the dream. But I’m there. I’m onboard and all is fine with the world. My world, as well.

There is a great sense of peace, knowing that I am there; pretty much how I feel when I go up the gangplank to board the Maasdam for my yearly cruise up the New England coast to Canada. I’m aboard and everything will be taken care of, from meals to cabin service to safe navigation.

But it’s a recurring dream. One is nothing, but a series is an issue.

Is the ship a “heaven” allegory? Peacefulness, calmness, no need for entrance documents. I sometimes wonder.

Or maybe I just dream about the cruise ships because I’m happy to be on them and waiting for the next one.

After all, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.