Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yard Work Is For The Birds

I can tell a robin when I see one and crows are not that hard to spot; aside from that, the rest of them are just birds. Seen one, you’ve seen them all.

That having been said, I really would like to know what sort of feathered bipeds work the lawn at my place. They methodically go from side to another, together, contentedly picking up something worthwhile. Bugs, maybe; that’s all I can think of which accounts for their continued presence. They don’t do worms, as robins delight in.

They aren’t terribly afraid of me, although they do fly away if I get too close. I’d rather they just keep pecking away when I walk through the courtyard and maybe that might someday happen. When I go out, I walk slowly and often just stop and watch – which I am sure they are also doing.

There’s a rabbit near our parking lot which doesn’t seem to mind me very much. I meet Mr. or Mrs. Cottontail most every night, walk slowly and stay on a parallel track. We keep an eye on each other and I hope Rabbit and I will form a fairly lasting bond. It might happen if Mr. Hawk stops circling and goes away.

Mr. Hawk hangs around in an updraft just a few yards north of our house. We have noticed a decrease in rabbit population around here since the arrival of our claw-footed friend. Every so often, I spot him up in the tall trees with a toothpick and a satisfied look on his beak. It doesn’t take a genius.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHATTTTT? No skunks, no coons, no groundhogs? What kind of a yard do you have anyway?

That is not a yard, it is a birder feeder in court size....

C'mon up here and I'll give you a 101 ....LOL

Exit 318

September 23, 2010 3:30 PM  

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