Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Security Did CPR This Morning

Seems as how some older fellow slumped over the steering wheel in front of a college building. Our security guards used the defibrillator in their vehicle and then initiated CPR until the ambulance arrived. I assume the fellow made it, but that remains to be seen; when I learn his name, I can check the “checked out” page in the paper.

Been there, done that. Friend of mine fell over one fine day many years ago. I happened to be right nearby and someone called for me. I dashed into his room and sort of slid into first base, which is what it looked like, started compressions (5+2 – five compressions and two breaths) and continued until the ambulance came.

Continued it all the way down the elevator and out to the ambulance where the pro’s took over. They had their hands full with gear and needed someone for compressions. He didn’t make it, unfortunately, but we did our best. That’s pretty much life: you do your best and what happens, happens.

I almost had to do the back smash or the Heimlich maneuver on the ship this last time out. A lady at my table started making odd movements with her hand and I realized she was choking. Before I got around the table and behind her, she coughed it up. I don’t think I’ve had to do it before, but it almost happened late last year here.

It’s nice to know how to do these things; you never know when there will be a time they are needed. Just keep a clear head and occasionally practice in your mind.


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