Wednesday, August 11, 2010

They Want Their Church *Where*??

Yeah, I know, there’s a mosque… …in the Pentagon. Been there for years. There’s one in downtown Wilkes-Barre in a storefront where pimps, prostitutes and drug dealers hung out and the cops could do nothing about it. When the Muslims took over the store, all the problems disappeared; who needed all that coming and going?

Forty-Fort, a little borough across the river, wanted a Catholic church like New Yorkers want a mosque a few blocks from ground zero. The Forty-Forters pulled it off with nary a word in the papers. They have Stella Presbyterian Church, proudly situated on the best street location, but the Romans had to march to a welcoming borough.

People who sailed here from England (not quite on the Queen Mary, I might add) came in large measure for freedom of religion. Their religion and nobody else’s. Once here and freed from persecution, they then began persecuting those whose view of God and salvation was different from theirs.

Actually, it’s not that far from today. The folks who bow towards Rome have their own marching orders. It’s pretty much a statement of faith that non-Christians cannot be saved and, no matter how good and loving they may have been in this life, are condemned to burn forever in Hell. The persecuted become the persecutors.

Religion is strange; it has brought factions and murders, Popes dividing up the New World, Irish killing each other, people killing those they consider infidels.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

America has a rich history of talking out of both sides of our mouth. Jefferson wrote absolutely beautiful words about freedom and equality - all while owning slaves. Today, we talk about valuing religious freedom - but then complain when that freedom is exercised. I believe the real test of freedom is not when a Christian church opens, but when a Muslim one tries to. "Not in my neighborhood" doesn't cut it in a country who proudly points to itself as a model of freedom to be emulated by the rest of the world. The Good Samaritan story in today's world would substitute a Muslim for a Samaritan. With that said, I freely admit I struggle with my own personal demons. I'd rather a Muslim congregation not be in "my neighborhood" or that one. But I try to keep an open mind.

August 24, 2010 12:52 PM  

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