Sunday, May 23, 2010

Second Collection After The Service

We didn’t have a second collection at Mass today. It happens a couple times each month and the cause is genuinely good; the local church is asked to reach out to others who need our help. But the “second collection” today took place in the church basement and it took in more than usual. It was the cake sale.

The stuff was pretty good, although I had to avoid it. I’m not gaining weight, but I’m not losing any either. Losing is the operative word here and giving in even a little way isn’t the way to do it. On the cruise ship, they have all sorts of nice confections to people who need something nice, but healthy.

Maybe I should have just given them a donation and skipped the temptations. When asked what I wanted, I pointed to an empty tray and said, “How about a couple of those?”

Gone are the days when I could get away with the excuse that I am a growing boy. I’ve growed. Now my snack of choice is a bowl of porridge with no sugar and no milk. I do add some trail mix, after it’s gone thru the grinder, along with nuts which have taken the same trip. It’s nice and I don’t feel guilty as I would after a bowl of ice cream.

Or, for that matter, a nice piece of yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Or thick, filled cookies. Those ladies can throw together some delightful delights and I can always justify a handful or two. After all, it’s all for the benefit of the church … it doesn’t cost much … they worked hard. No; it’s not good for me.


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