Friday, May 14, 2010

Countdown To What?

I’ve been thinking lately of getting a countdown clock. Not really sure why; I do have a cruise coming up and people are always asking me how long until I leave. As of this moment, it’s five weeks and one day. The next cruise is … let me check … June 11, 2011, which is maybe 51 weeks and one day. More or less.

There probably are countdown clocks on the internet. I have one now, but it would be nice to set a clock down on the taskbar and most likely I can do it somehow.

My preference is for “weeks” instead of “days,” as it’s an easier number to handle. So many weeks, rather than months or days, seems to work best for my mind. And, no, it does not make the time go slower; for me, it speeds it up a bit and I rejoice not in the seasons I must pass through, but the weeks that are speeding by.

When the countdown, currently on my calendar, gets to “3,” then I start checking things out thoroughly. My “Next Cruise” drawer is assembled, clothes picked out, my large carry-on brought from the cellar. At the “1” countdown, I check in with the Halifax visitors’ bureau to see what the weather might be.

On my radio show, when I use the various inserts (either pre-recorded from my crew, or short pieces I regularly run), I’m not interested in how long they run. I just want to know how much time I have left. I prefer to know there are 28 seconds left, rather than we are two minutes into the piece. Countdown time.