Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Internet's Curse

Anonymous message boards are, to me, not that far off from graffiti scribbled on fences after dark by people who run up, write their stuff and disappear into the darkness.

If you have something to say, sign it. If it’s such that you can’t put your name on it, then don’t write it. If it’s mean-spirited, don’t post it.

I get this in person all the time from people who pass on, “I heard,” or “someone said.” To “I heard,” I kindly respond, “Or did you just this minute make it up?” To “someone said,” I ask, “Who was that?” “I don’t remember.” “That’s odd; you’d think something that juicy, it would be hard to forget who told it to you.”

I’m on a broadcast message board where fewer than five people identify themselves. Those people seem to be the only ones who actually know what they are talking about; the rest don’t seem to be in the business, yet make the most unkind (and erroneous) remarks about those who are.

I’d really prefer boards where everyone signed their own name. No more “angel_mommy” or “superman.” Just “John Smith” or “Betty Hageman.” If you use a board name, then your real name in the signature. Let’s know who you are; we aren’t going to storm your house and steal your first-born.

A board where everybody knows everybody else in real life!