Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Chairman Of The Board

The Chairman of the Board, as legendary WNEW (NYC) disc jockey William B. Williams called Frank Sinatra. The Voice. Insult comic Don Rickles was playing some venue when the somewhat volatile Frank walked in; Don said, “Here comes Frank Sinatra. Make yourself at home, Frank; hit someone.”

I have a number of his songs checked as favorites on the internet music service. As luck would have it, one is playing as I write this.

Pandora has become my music service of choice. For many people, it’s free – if you consider ads an acceptable way of obtaining free service. I don’t, so I pay what is a nominal cost of $36 or $38 per year; no ads, continuous music shaped to my desire, and a few other perks that I really like.

You get what you pay for (a better quality of service) and you pay for what you get (pay more, get more). To my thrifty mind, why be a cheapskate when the value is so great for so little outlay? I don’t quite understand why more people don’t plunk down the $3/month for such a great product. My NPR station charges more (and I’m a member).

I’ve turned it off for the night, but it will play for much of the day tomorrow. I have some control over the selections, which is good: they add in a lot of music and artists I’ve never heard before and I can add them to my favorites, or just wait for them to come around again whenever that happens.