Friday, April 30, 2010

E. O. M.

So here we are, end of month. EOQ, for that matter: end of quarter. We are 25% through 2010 and I am just beginning to grasp the meaning of life: don’t put it off.

We had someone working here for a year, name of Carlotta. She wanted to get her picture taken in front of a billboard for the local Car-lotta auto credit agency. But the time was never right; tomorrow, maybe, perhaps next week. She finally finished up here and the photo shot never took place. It would have been a nice thing to have.

I’ve another friend who had the means to take a cruise but needed a little prodding. He kept coming up with one excuse after another, while it was obvious that he really did want to go. He lives in a nursing home now, unable to do much of anything; his best days, most of his days, are behind him.

Someday I’m going to have to do this; yes, that’s a good idea and when the time is right I’ll get around to doing it. Maybe we can think about this some other time, but not today. The time is never right, the opportunity passes by and we never see it again. What was a good idea is gone and all we can do is regret our hesitancy.

Have an opportunity? Grab it; try anything once. Don’t say, “It’s foolishness.” How many times do you have the chance to ride in the cab of a locomotive? Don’t laugh; I did once on a local switching job and spent the better part of an hour riding around with a string of coal cars behind me. Go for the gold.


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