Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Earth Stretches And Burps

God is punishing the world for our sins. No, says one religious leader, it’s because of the way women dress. Maybe it’s those liberals and the liberal media. Maybe….

Maybe it’s just the earth being alive and, occasionally, stretching and burping. God did not give us a solid hunk of rock to increase, multiply and fill the earth. Although, now that I think of it, that multiplying action isn’t such a bad thing after all. Volcanoes blow their stack occasionally, plates move, earthquakes happen. Nothing new.

We’re living on a planet where there used to be only one continent and, over the course of a few years (geological time) it began to split apart and move. In that same time frame, it’s still happening. Continents are still moving, mountains are still being pushed up, magma expands and gets to a point where it blows its top.

Yellowstone explodes fairly regularly every 600k years; we’re ready for one any day now (any day = oh, a thousand years, give or take). It’s 40,000 years overdue, so it may rip North America to pieces tonight or maybe two thousand years from now. Stay tuned; eventually it should be quite a show, although you really don’t want to be around.

The “Ring of Fire” is responsible for a great many earthquakes; it’s generally the area all around the edges of the Pacific Ocean. Has nothing to do with God, women’s clothing or our sins; it’s just tectonic plate movement. And that movement makes for some mighty big quakes. Don’t pray to God; just move inland a long way.