Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Change, Change, Thou Unchanging Light

Quite often, I think of eternity, the concept of living forever, living without end, always being alive in (hopefully) heaven or (trying hard to avoid it) some other place.

I think of this most often when I am stopped at the traffic light on East Union Street, trying to cross North Main Street in Our Fair City. I have been waiting here for, what, three hours now? Or has it been a couple of days? I know the guy ahead of me went out for a sandwich a few hours ago and I think he’s going for coffee sometime soon.

The last time I thought of eternity was when I was going up River Road in Plains Township. It’s a long road, no passing all the way, and I was behind an OMWAH. For those who just tuned in, that’s an Old Man Wearing A Hat. They always drive slowly; check it out next time you are on a road. Slow driver? It’s an OMWAH.

I was in the local supermarket, quick checkout lane, one jar of peanut butter. Lady ahead of me had six items. We’re good to go. “That’ll be $10.95.” “Well, let me see. I knew I had a ten in here. I don’t want to break a twenty, and I have some change. Oh, here’s a coupon; I wonder if it’s still good. Here’s a nickel, two quarters,…”

The Greyhound bus is leaving NYC for Boston. You want peace and quiet. The person next to you wants to talk endlessly. It’s gonna be a long trip. But: You stay still and when he taps you, then your response is, “C’est dommage, mais je parle francais seulment” and hope he doesn’t.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah bon, pas fou le gars!

Jean-Chrysostome Vail

March 12, 2010 10:03 PM  

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