Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Gay Apparel

“…Now we don our gay apparel, fa la la la la, la la, la la.”

Maybe you; not me. Oh, you don’t mean that lavender stuff, but the stuff of festival-time. Ok; that’s fine. I can trip the light fantastic with the best of them. When we are harking to the sounds of herald angels singing, who amongst us can keep from donning whatever apparel is of the Yuletide gayest? With a fa la la to boot.

No, this is not another late Christmas blog entry. I happened to hear it on my internet (Pandora) music service. Why that song on this day? Beats me. But I like it, regardless of the day or season; perhaps Ray Conniff’s group did it and I will listen to anything he did, season in or season out.

We don’t have enough of that “gay apparel” stuff, or the “who cares” to wear it. One time during a cruise, there was a short guy who wore a pink suit and matching top hat on formal nights. He looked great. I wouldn’t be caught at an LSD party in it, but there are combinations I would like to try out. Always with a top hat, of course.

Errol Flynn had a pretty snappy outfit in one of his pirate movies. Loose white shirt, tight at the cuffs, the usual stuff you would expect of his pirate style. Probably make real pirates laugh like crazy, but it fit “in like Flynn” rather well.

Interesting story about his nickname, by the way.


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