Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ten Months Until Christmas Eve!

My first experience with Christmas stuff well in advance of Baby Jesus coming down the chimney with a pack on his back: doing radio in Gloucester MA and running into a “Christmas In July” promotion in the city. “Christmas in July?” I wondered. “Whatever is a Christmas in July thing?” It’s a sales boost, I soon figured.

Long time since Xmas, long time till Xmas; no real sales holidays between Memorial Day (start of summer) and Labor Day (start of school). Even Cinco de Fako, that American-made supposedly-Mexican selling spree brought to you by Corona beer and some greeting card company doesn’t quite sell enough yet.

January has its whites sales and Christmas leftovers; February is Presidents Day cars; March, I don’t remember (maybe getting drunk and blaming it on some Irish bishop); April, who knows; May is the aforementioned not celebrated in Mexico day; June and August are beaches; July is hotdogs and beer, and so on.

I’ve seen Christmas promotions early as late September in some backwater town near here and really should check the ads to see what’s the earliest these days.

Maybe a blog later this year would be a good time to examine it. “The First Xmas Ad This Year,” or something that would fit in the few characters I have in the headline. With the economy as it is, I would not be surprised if the start date might be sometime in late September, if not mid-month. Join me then.


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