Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Way Down South In New Orleans

Hey, chick, want some beads??

We are a prudish country, perhaps the most on our planet. If not the most, then we are pretty much up there on the “Oh, how awful!” scale.

During a televised football game, Janet Jackson accidentally showed a very small part of what God gave her for 9/16th of a second and the FCC fined CBS a half million dollars. Other countries hooted at us for the way our government reacted.

Down in New Orleans, if the girls want to have Mardi Gras parade beads thrown at them from the floats, they do the same thing, for a longer period of time, and go home with a lot of swag. Mustn’t see the milk glands or the spot where said milk comes out.

In the African country of the Ivory Coast, it’s not an issue; nobody thinks twice about it. But if a woman appears in public with her legs showing – it’s a big deal. A mighty big deal. Call the police, cover them up, take her off to jail for indecent exposure.

What? You let people see your shoulders? This is the Vatican and it’s an affront to God, Jesus, his mother and the Pope of Rome.

Don’t you dare show your face, Muslim lady. That is forbidden by the law; some man may see it and get all excited. Who knows what may happen then?


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