Monday, February 08, 2010

I'd Like A Flight To Alaska

Sure, you can land. Here are instructions from a pilots’ guide for airports in the U.S.:

ANAKTUVUK PASS: Buildings close to runway, local vehicle traffic uses runway.

CHIGNIK: Potholes in center of runway, loose rocks up to 4” on runway surface.

CLEAR: Gravel and dirt portion may be unusable in spring thaw; runway rutted and has 10-degree dogleg; 90’-wide clear path thru trees with 5’ high brush within 20’ of runway centerline.

GULKANA: Trees, wires, moose and birds in vicinity.

McKINLEY PARK: Canyons at each runway end cause sudden severe up/down drafts; active landing alert siren system on 122.8 for people and moose in vicinity.

PILOT POINT: Large rocks entire length; airport reported abandoned.

SHEEP MOUNTAIN: Barrels mark runway.

YAKUTAT: Located in heavy timber.

LIGNITE: Runway overgrown with brush up to 4’ high; reported unusable.


Anonymous ruthc said...

I remember landing on a bumpy, gravel strip at Mt. McKinley, in a single-engine Cessna.
From what I read here, I guess that strip wasn't so bad after all.

February 15, 2010 10:03 AM  

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