Saturday, February 06, 2010

Here's How Things Have Been Going

Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far this year:

Forgotten my New Year’s Resolution(s). Actually, I’m not sure I made any because I generally forget them around the first of February. Sometimes I make twelve of them, one per month, but then I forget to put them on my calendar.

Put a phone in my studio. I had one in the old place, but we moved and I thought there would not be a jack for it in the new place. Well, a friend of mine in the maintenance department asked if I’d like a phone and a computer line. “Sure, what the heck,” I replied. So he ran a line down to my place and I located the phone I had earlier.

Bought a car vac. I haven’t found any treasures underneath the leaves, dirt and crumbs, but I’m not finished yet. Hope springs eternal. Neither have I found any insects, rodents or other critters feasting on the aforementioned crumbs.

Found a blue sweater my mother knitted and which was in the back of my closet. Must have ended up there a couple of winters ago. It’s the Final Solution to a cold winter night when I go over to the newspaper to pick up the first edition. When that goes on, and I have a jacked over it, I’m warm. She did it right.

Of course, there’s the printer next to my machine. That has come in quite handy with my radio work, although it gets used only once a day, maybe twice or three times.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Git 'r done.......NASCAR is beginning.

The Bud Light Ground Hog saw his shadow, six more weeks of football

Exit 318....GO SAINTS......

February 08, 2010 12:10 PM  

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