Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thoughts That Come To Mind

You can’t make a silk ear out of a sow’s purse.

When someone tells a friend not to believe anything you say, then come out with, “You’re handsome” or “you’re beautiful.”

If, while you are on a cruise, you refer to the vessel as a boat and someone says, “It’s a ship, not a boat,” tell them how much you liked watching “The Love Ship” on tv.

Look both ways when you have the green; no light ever stopped a car.

Everything is funny when it happens to someone else.

I think God gets a good laugh out of organized religion and all its “follow or go to hell” rules.

Why aren’t there erasers for our lives?

Drive-thru ATM machines have Braille because they are all made the same; but why do “over the door” signs have Braille markings?

Isn’t every day “Labor Day” in a hospital’s birthing unit? I used to wish my mother a Happy Labor Day on my birthday. She said I was no problem at all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why aren't there erasers for our lives? Because then we'd keep making the same mistakes again!

(PS: I like the column.)

February 01, 2010 12:45 PM  

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