Thursday, January 21, 2010


It’s actually spelled Quinoa, but sounds like Keenwah. It’s an edible weed from Peru, pretty commonly used down there, and kinda looks like thick rice. It’s used here, as well, but I don’t think it’s well-known. Packs a load of things that we need and if it looked better, we’d probably all be putting it out for meals.

I ran into it while prepping the Senior Citizens menu for my radio show. The centers have hot noon meals five days a week and we read what they are putting out the day before, so the old folks can make reservations. One day, I saw this coming up and decided to check the dictionary and find out how to say it.

After all, if Porky Pig can say “asper-AG-us,” who’s to say I can’t come out with “quin-o-a”? You say “as-PER-agus” and I say, “asper-AG-us”; you say “to-MAY-to” and I say “to-MAH-to.” By the way, who taught New Yorkers to say “ersters” instead of “oysters?” They do the same in the Orleans that is New.

I’ve drank pop, soda and tonic; they all were labeled “Coca Cola.” Depends on where you live in this world. In Connecticut, I was drinking soda; south of Boston, it was pop; northeast of Boston, in Rockport, it was tonic. While visiting my uncle back home, I asked for some tonic and he brought me Schweppes tonic water.

What would happen, do you think, if someone went into a Starbucks and asked for a regular cup of coffee? Would they have it? Or even know what it was?


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