Friday, January 22, 2010

Ready, Set, Print

When 45rpm records came out, I was still picking up 78’s from the used market. CD’s were on the market and I still went for vinyl. I was using open-reel tape long after cassettes reached good quality; moved to CD’s when everyone had moved on. When I saw old ladies using computers, I figured it probably was time.

Today, I bought a printer. I have plenty of things that are waiting to be printed out, but I really have to get caught up on these blog entries. For other, unconnected, reasons, I fell very far behind. It wasn’t the fault of a non-existent printer, mind you, but just a lot of things got in the way. Now I have my head about water and I can write.

Write and print. I keep a copy of each page of these more or less immortal writings. I think they are interesting to look back upon and see where my journey has taken me these past four years. They have, so far, been printed elsewhere, so I don’t have to catch up to 1,339 ponderings on the mysteries of the universe.

Somebody, I don’t know who, suggested I make a book out of these. Do you know what books are printed on? The paper? It’s made of the pulp from books that did not sell and there are many. If it were someone famous, then it would sell. I’d need a good title: I know Braille, so “May My Fingers Read Your Dots?” might work.

So here sits my printer, all installed and ready to work. As soon as I get caught up here, it will be spitting out “Things At King’s” to be filed forever.