Monday, September 28, 2009

The Light Was Shining Right In My Face

Am I the only one, or are lots of people like this? I can’t stay awake if there is a light shining in my face, especially at night when I’m in bed and the table lamp is on.

One of my friends who lived with me in school said it amazed him that the sun could be shining right on me and I’d be dead to the world. I sort of answered, “Yeah? And your point is?” He seemed to feel that a bright light pointed right at me would be a bother, enough to bring me back to life.

Puts me to sleep, that’s what it does. I don’t know if it’s all lights (fluorescent may not do so well) or just your standard, going-out-of –style incandescent. But if I want to get to sleep quickly, I just turn on a light and let it shine on my face. It’s zzzz time faster than you can read a bedtime story to me.

It’s not as if I need a night-light or anything; I can sleep in the dark just as well. But I go to dreamland a lot quicker the other way. Any shrinks out there who can provide an answer? Or is it just a “thing” that some people have and others don’t? I have a friend who lives in a house and needs to have his bedroom door locked, or can’t sleep.

What strange people we are! I put my socks on left-right and my shoes right-left. I often eat meals left-handed and dessert right-handed (or the opposite). I write leftie sitting down and rightie standing at a blackboard. Left ear for the telephone and right ear for my radio earphones. Maybe I’ll turn the light on and get a quick nap.


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