Thursday, September 24, 2009

No Long Term Committment

I’m for sale or rent, which sounds much like Roger Miller’s “King of the Road”: Writer for sale or rent, write your stuff, fifty cent.

But let’s refer to it by a higher calling: I’m a freelance writer. Send me the money, tell me what you want written and it’s deal. I’ll do my best to make an article which reflects the standards of your publication in exchange for a 2.5 x 6” signed piece of paper which can be exchanged for a green equivalent with a dead president on the front.

No, I’m not your ordinary ho’ but someone who delights in adapting his abilities to the challenge of writing in different styles. One time, I was a controversial columnist in one publication, under the same penname but three ways of writing; someone broke the code and declared there were actually three people writing under one name. Ha!

Writing for varying publications keeps me from becoming stale. If it’s for a national Amateur Radio monthly, I’d do it differently from a piece I once wrote for the New York Times. A broadcasting trade publication, Radio World, receives one treatment while my Big Band column in the local newspaper gets another.

I love it. Under my own name, or ghostwriting for others, gives me a big kick. As a teen, I found I could do it; I read everything, saw how people put words together (and still do), then decided to start sending stuff out. Nobody knew it was a kid, only that this person looked promising. As I hope I still do.


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