Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rules Of Life, For September 22

These rules have been very helpful to me as I have made my way through life. Perhaps they will be of value to you, as well:

The Right-of-Way, #1.
The right-of-way is something the other driver gives you. If he doesn’t give it to you, you don’t have it.

The Right-of-Way, #2.
Never argue the right-of-way with a vehicle that has more wheels than you.

Railroad Crossings.
Part A: If you beat the train to the crossing, you win.
Part B: If the train beats you to the crossing, you lose.
Part C: If it’s a tie, you lose.
Conclusion: Don’t try to beat a train to the crossing. The odds are 2:1 in the train’s favor.

Otherwise known as, “That which makes us infallible.” It may come as a surprise to many, but it does not make you funnier, smarter, stronger or more attractive.

The best rule: Just be yourself. Don’t imitate anyone.


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